Saturday, 12 May 2012

Days 11 & 12 - Giant slugs & miniature buildings

I spent a large portion of day 11 at the Sunshine Coast Careers Expo hovering around the Sunshine Coast Council's Smart Arts table and mingling with the punters showing some of the prints Corrie and myself have made. While I was there the printer was beavering away back at the gallery printing the bottom section of a sea urchin totem pole that is yet to be finished.

Day 12 being Saturday meant more traffic than usual so I printed a slug I modelled in Sculptris for a number of patrons attending with children in the morning. The supports for its eyes detached halfway through the printing process but didn't affect the integrity of the eye stalks which was surprising.

While the slug was printing I modelled a building to print in the afternoon. The print took a number of hours and I had a moment of panic when it was nearly complete as I realised the roll of ABS filament was perilously close to running out. Thankfully it finished printing with only centimeters to spare! 

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